Absolute Toughness

A 10-year battery life, 10-bar water resistance
and 10-meter dropping shock resistance.
These were the criteria of the “Triple 10” development concept
that led to G-SHOCK’s unprecedented shock-resistant structure.
These were the three requirements of the “Triple 10” concept that led
to development G-SHOCK's shock-resistant structure.
The rugged shape and robust styling originated
with an engineer's brief calling for an “unbreakable watch”.
Since its birth in 1983, G-SHOCK has continued its unrestrained evolution while
retaining its unique basic structure.

Today, G-SHOCK continues to take up challenges beyond the limits of time and
common sense.


Triple Sensor,
Tough Design



A watch built to withstand any change
in the environment.
All the toughness you need to weather stormy seas!

Further miniaturisation of the drive motors has made it possible to install Triple Sensor, Ver. 3 in a shock-resistant G-SHOCK structure. Built-in functions, including an atmospheric pressure tendency information display, Tide Graph and Moon Age display, support users who need to deal with changes in harsh environments. Such additional features as a new band structure, dual LED lights and a hand-concealment function underscore this tough watch’s uncompromising pursuit of practicality in terms of wearability and visibility. Announcing the birth of GULFMASTER, a watch that expands the sphere of tough action.


Triple Sensor,Ver. 3

Now installed in a shock-resistant structure, Triple Sensor, Ver. 3 measures directions, atmospheric pressure/temperatures and altitudes at high speed GULFMASTER’s shock resistance enables the sensors to stand up to the harsh conditions the boundless sea sometimes imposes.

- Atmospheric pressure difference indicator

Atmospheric pressure measurements are taken automatically every two hours, and the second hand indicates the difference between the most recent and previous readings.

- Atmospheric pressure tendency information

Atmospheric pressure is measured at 2-minute intervals for 24 hours, and indications on a display and inset dial, accompanied by an alarm sound, alert the wearer to sudden changes in pressure, recent and previous readings..

- Direction measurement

The second hand indicates north, and the orientation angle is displayed on the LCD.
Continuous measurement can be conducted for up to 60 seconds.

Tide Graph / Barometric

A high-visibility arrow-shaped small hand serves as an indicator for such important maritime intelligence as Tide Graph tidal movement data and atmospheric pressure tendency information. Metal parts give the dial an assertive presence.
Tide Graph / Barometric

Smart Access

The combination of Multi Mission Drive with an electronic crown switch gives users intuitive control over multiple functions. Simple crown operation enables them to perform altitude adjustments, change alarm time settings and switch among Home Time cities.
Smart Access

Dual LED lights

Two white LED lights cast brilliant illumination on the hands and LCD. Their use in combination with phosphorescent coating ensures excellent legibility in the dark.
Dual LED lights

Tough Movement

Adding further reliability to the radio-controlled, solar-powered chronograph.

- Radio-controlled (Multi Band 6)

- Solar-powered

- Auto Hand Home Position Correction

- Hybrid Mount Construction


- Shock resistant

- 20-bar water resistance

*Approximate battery operating time: 7 months (no exposure to light after a full charge)


Indicator bezel

Indicator bezel

Numbers for use as atmospheric pressure/altitude indications are engraved on the extra-thick aluminium-construction bezel. Blue IP treatment and a high-profile design give the bezel an iconic marine look.

Tide Graph / Moon Age Display

Tide Graph / Moon Age Display

A Tide Graph installed in an inset dial provides information on the movements of the tides in user-specified regions.
An LCD displays the age of the moon in the basic timekeeping mode.

Innovative band fastening  structure

Innovative band fastening structure

The band structure extends over the bezel, and the band and case connection is positioned to the side of the case. Round screws and washers connect the band securely to the case. A curved shape from the case to the band reflects the watch’s comfortable fit on the wrist.

Hand-concealment function

Hand-concealment function

This function temporarily retracts the watch’s hands to prevent them from blocking measurement results when the hands overlap the LCD in the measurement mode.

Limited Edition




Aging IP treatment of case and band

Aging IP treatment of case and band

Limited edition with just 500 watches available  worldwide

Limited edition with just 500 watches available worldwide

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