Feel the Field

Advanced measurement functions benefiting from miniaturised sensor
technologies monitor the constant changes in natural phenomena with reliable accuracy.
A watch that combines the utility required of an outdoor tool with the precision of
a fine-quality timepiece, PRO TREK is constantly evolving and exploring new fields..


Triple Sensor, Ver. 3 ,
Analogue Indicator



Developed in pursuit of practical utility as the
ultimate in outdoor gear.
An analogue-digital combination model that has
evolved to a new dimension.

The slim styling analogue-digital combination model comes equipped with high-performance Triple Sensor, Ver. 3. Hands installed on the LCD indicate such sensor measurement results as altitude, atmospheric pressure and temperature readings in an easily understandable manner.

The world welcomes the debut of a highly evolved new PRO TREK.


Triple Sensor,Ver. 3

Built-in miniature sensors measure directions, atmospheric pressure/temperatures and altitudes at high speed with a high degree of accuracy. Direction measurements can be continued for 60 seconds, while altitude measurements are taken at 1-second intervals in 1-metre increments. Besides detecting changes in natural phenomena accurately, moreover, Triple Sensor sounds an alarm to notify wearers of sudden changes in atmospheric pressure.

■ Digital Compass

Digital Compass

■ Altimeter


■ Barometer / Thermometer

Barometer / Thermometer

- Sensor functional innovation

Sensor functional innovations Triple Sensor, Ver. 2 Triple Sensor, Ver. 3
Altitude measurement Measurement unit 5m 1m
Shortest measurement interval*2 5.0 seconds 1.0 second
Measurement accuracy*2 Altitude change x 2% Altitude change x 0.3%
Pressure measurement Measurement accuracy*2 Atmospheric pressure difference x 2% Barometric pressure difference x 0.3%
Direction measurement Continuous measurement duration 20 seconds 60 seconds

*2 Measurement accuracy under constant temperature

Hand-concealment function

This function temporarily retracts the watch’s hands to prevent them from blocking measurement results when the hands overlap the LCD in the measurement mode.

Hand-concealment function

Analogue/Digital combination

Miniaturisation of the motor has created room to increase the number of motors from two to four. The resulting individualized control of the hour, minute, second and mode hands has contributed to quick mode switching and simultaneous display of multiple functions. The LCD has undergone remarkable improvement as well through development of a dot matrix display that presents data in finer detail.

Analogue/Digital combination

Tough Movement

Adding further reliability to the radio-controlled, solar-powered chronograph.

- Radio-controlled (Multi Band 6)

- Solar-powered

- Auto Hand Home Position Correction

- Hybrid Mount Construction


- Smart Access

- World Time

- 1/100-second stopwatch

- Countdown timer

- 5 daily alarms

- 10-bar water resistance

- Low-temperature resistance (-10°C)

- Full auto LED light

- Retractable hands for easy LCD viewing

*Approximate battery operating time: 6 months (no exposure to light after a full charge)


Slim styling

Slim styling

Miniaturisation of the drive motors and CASIO’s original high-density mounting technologies have facilitated installation of advanced technologies such as Triple Sensor, Smart Access, solar power and radio-controlled timekeeping in a slim case size just 12.8mm thick. Users enjoy a new level of agile, comfortable wearability.

Solar Panel combining functionality with a look of quality

Solar Panel combining functionality with a look of quality

Power is provided by Tough Solar, which converts light into ample electricity to assure stable operation of multiple functions. A new solar panel with improved light absorption efficiency has made it possible to elaborate the face further, resulting in a high-grade dial arrayed in stunning black.

Full auto LED light (Super illuminator)

Full auto LED light (Super illuminator)

The light is illuminated Automatically when it is tilted under dark environment.

Carbon-fibre insert band

Carbon-fibre insert band

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