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Message from the President

Message from President 

Creating more new possibilities for people worldwide

Social progress is largely due to the intellectual creativity of human beings. The dense accumulation of all this human activity has resulted in cutting-edge science and technology, painting and music that inspires awe, and the complex mechanisms that allow society to function. Today, in an advanced society that continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the tools that help us convey our thoughts and ideas have become an integral part of our daily lives.

Casio products support the intellectual creative activities of people in many facets of their lives. Our scientific calculators help students understand mathematics, while our electronic dictionaries are used to acquire knowledge not just in language, but in many related fields. As information devices that can be worn all day long, our watches are used in business, sports and many other venues. Our electronic musical instruments and digital cameras help people convey positive human emotion and serve as excellent communication tools. Finally, our IT systems have become essential for many businesses today.

Human intellectual creative activities will continue to expand into new areas. Based on our development policy of going from “0” to “1” to create products never seen before, Casio will continue to provide new products and services that help expand the realm of human possibilities. We remain determined to fulfill our corporate creed of “Creativity and Contribution.”

President and CEO Kazuo Kashio

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