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Message from the President

Message from President 

Making Something from Nothing - The Casio Way to Create New Value

Since the beginning, Casio has been developing products that provide new value to society. Casio’s fast, compact calculator greatly increased office computation efficiency. Then we provided individuals with their own personal calculators, making it easy for everyone to do math. Freed from the time-consuming chore of basic calculations, people could start concentrating on creative thinking. We went on to develop calculation devices with advanced functions, including technological and scientific calculators, contributing to the global culture of science and math.

Over the years, Casio has produced many other groundbreaking products. Casio electronic dictionaries provide a wealth of knowledge and make learning fun. Casio watches have become critical tools for planning and living daily life. Casio electronic musical instruments deliver the joy of playing music to people of all skill levels, and Casio digital cameras make it easy for anyone to capture the unforgettable moments of life. Finally, Casio information systems have helped generate business innovation. All of these products aim to free up people’s mental space and inspire creativity. That’s how Casio supports the intellectual creativity of humankind.

Our product development approach is all about going from “0” to “1,” or in other words, making something from nothing. To provide the world with new value, we set aside conventional thinking and start from “0,” continually asking ourselves what people really need. We are also creating innovative business models that leverage services provided across networked Casio devices. Our mission in society is to continually take on the challenge of developing whole new markets.

How do we transform bold new concepts into best-selling products? We creatively apply-and continue to advance-the digital technologies. Next, to ensure that Casio products can be used with confidence, we employ high-precision production lines and perform rigorous testing. Casio will always be committed to the tireless effort to increase quality. We add even more value by building brands that people really enjoy. A good example is G-SHOCK, our globally popular watch brand, which is now celebrating 30 years of success. Finally, we make the most of our global sales network to get our value-added products into the hands of consumers worldwide.

At Casio, we want to be the world’s source for relentless innovation. You have my pledge that we will keep envisioning social progress and constantly improve our technologies to make it happen.

President and CEO Kazuo Kashio

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