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Responsibilities to Shareholders and Investors

Responsibilities to Shareholders and Investors

Casio discloses information promptly and fairly to shareholders and investors, and always strives to increase shareholder returns.

Basic policy for shareholder returns

Casio considers the maintenance and expansion of returns for all of its shareholders an important management issue, and constantly strives to improve its business performance and financial structure. The company's dividend policy calls for maintaining stable dividends, and Casio determines the allocation of profit by taking into account all factors such as profit levels, financial position, the dividend payout ratio, and future business development and forecasts.

Considering this policy, Casio paid dividends of ¥ 35 per share in fiscal 2015. This was an increase of ¥ 10 over the previous fiscal year.

Casio again plans to pay dividends of ¥ 35 per share in fiscal 2016.

Inclusion in an SRI Index

Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index (MS-SRI)

Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index

Casio Computer Co., Ltd., is included in the Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index (MS-SRI). Morningstar Japan selects 150 companies from among all listed companies in Japan based on their social responsibility track records, and indexes their stock prices (January 2015).

Communication with shareholders and investors

IR events

Every quarter, Casio holds a financial results briefing for institutional investors and securities analysts on the same day that the company announces its results. The president or the director responsible for investor relations is the main speaker at these briefings, and explains the financial results and forecasts. Casio also holds meetings with institutional investors and analysts worldwide, while occasionally providing factory tours and business briefings.

Improving IR publications

To provide IR information for shareholders and investors, the company issues an Annual Report, semiannual business reports (Japanese only), and quarterly Consolidated Financial Results. Casio's Investor Relations website also features these publications and other IR information. Casio also updates its Investor Relations site in a timely fashion to reflect market changes and make the information more accessible and useful.

Reaching out to individual shareholders and investors

Casio is carrying out various initiatives in order to deepen the understanding individual investors and shareholders have of its business. At its General Meeting of Shareholders, the company described its main products and key businesses. On the Japanese Investor Relations website, a section was added specifically for individual investors in an effort to make information disclosure clearer.

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