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Dialogue with customers

Casio is creating new value by not only providing products, but also maintaining a dialogue with customers. As part of this effort, the company creates various opportunities for customers to experience the concepts behind Casio products and learn how to use them.

Experience-based events to promote shared awareness

Casio holds events worldwide to convey the G-SHOCK brand worldview, along with its essential feature of toughness. Since the first event in New York in 2008, events have been held in a total of 86 cities around the world (as of December 2018). The initiative is designed to allow G-SHOCK fans to enjoy the product’s appeal through a full sensory experience.

Raising the profile of the Casio brand at international trade shows

Casio participates in Baselworld, a watch and jewelry fair held in Switzerland which attracts media and buyers from all over the world. Casio takes advantage of this event to distribute its latest information to the world.

Baselworld 2018

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