Casio Group Code of Conduct

I. General Provisions


The purpose of the Casio Group Code of Conduct (hereinafter, “Code of Conduct”) is to define rules that ensure all executive officers and employees comply with relevant international norms, the laws of individual countries and/or regions , and company rules as well as serve as upstanding members of society with high ethical standards and sound common sense in their daily activities as a part of the Casio Group’s global operations.

Casio Group Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct applies to all executive officers and employees of the Casio Group. For the purpose of this Code of Conduct, the term “Casio Group” shall refer to Casio Computer Co., Ltd., its subsidiaries, and affiliated companies in which Casio Computer Co., Ltd., has real management rights, while the word “we” shall refer to all Casio Group executive officers and employees.


Casio Group employees shall faithfully abide by the provisions of this Code of Conduct, while executive officers and division heads shall lead by example, complying with this Code of Conduct at all times, and shall ensure complete compliance within their respective organizations.

II. Code of Conduct

1.Enabling Value Creation

1-1. Provision of Products and Services Beneficial to Society

We will develop and provide products and services beneficial to society based on our creation-oriented mindset to create new value from nothing, or by going from “0” to “1”, and contribute to the development of a sustainable society in the process.

2.Fulfilling Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

2-1. Respect for Human Rights

2-2. Environmental Conservation

2-3. Sound Initiatives across the Entire Supply Chain

We will strive to ensure sound initiatives are being taken across the entire supply chain in regards to compliance with international norms, laws, social practices, human rights, labor rights, safety, environmental conservation, anti-corruption, and the non-use of conflict minerals, in order to achieve mutual benefits for the entire supply chain.

2-4. Harmony with Society

3.Building Customer Trust

3-1. Provision of Safety and Peace of Mind to Customers

4.Establishing Sound Workplaces

4-1. Establishment of Employee-friendly Workplace Environments

5.Ensuring Correct Actions

5-1. Compliance with Laws

We will carry out daily activities in full compliance with international norms, the laws of each country and region, and company rules.

5-2. Prohibition of Bribery and Restrictions on Business Entertainment and Gift-giving

5-3. Fair Competition and Transactions

  • The Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc., to Subcontractors: The Japanese law that restricts abuse of a dominant bargaining position by a main subcontracting company against its subcontractors.

5-4. Prohibition of Insider Trading

We will not trade stock (take part in insider trading) using information prior to its public release that can materially affect the stock price of the Casio Group or other companies. We will not engage in behavior that solicits third parties to take part in insider trading.

5-5. Thorough Security Trade Control

We will abide by relevant laws and company rules as well as follow the proper procedures when undertaking export transactions involving our products and/or technologies.

5-6. Prohibition of Involvement with Anti-social Forces

5-7. Separation of Personal Affairs from Business

5-8. Information Protection

5-9. Protection and Utilization of Intellectual Properties

5-10. Management of Wages and Working Hours

We will manage wages and other payments and working hours and holidays appropriately in accordance with relevant laws and company rules.

6.Building a Relationship of Trust with Society

6-1. Promotion of Communication with Society

III. Maintenance

1. Establishment, Revision and Abolishment of this Code of Conduct

2. Reporting of Violations

Casio Group executive officers or employees that learn about actions that violate or may violate this Code of Conduct must report this to the Whistleblower Hotline Secretariat or the consultation / reporting contact point of their respected company. Contact points for the Whistleblower Hotline Secretariat have been set up inside Casio Computer Co., Ltd. and external organizations designated by Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

A person reporting a violation will not be subject to retaliation or any other unfair treatment, as long as the purpose of the report is factual and is not intended to slander another person.

3. Handling Violations

Any executive officer or employee that violates this Code of Conduct will be subject to strict reprimand, based on relevant laws or provisions of the employment regulations at the Casio Group company concerned.

History of Establishment / Revisions / Abolishment

Established: October 21, 1998
Revised: July 1, 2003
Revised: June 3, 2008
Revised: June 1, 2013
Revised: November 1, 2016

Remark: This Code of Conduct is translated from the original Japanese version for your information purpose only.