Responsibilities to Employees

At Casio, the human resources mission is organized around two themes: contributing to the development of the company through the growth of all employees based on their desire to always take on challenges and make improvements; and achieving both corporate development and employee growth under optimal conditions.

Global Human Resources Strategy

Casio has started creating a global human resources strategy as it looks to further expand its business outside Japan.

Building Workplaces for a Diverse Workforce

Casio has launched a diversity project focused on enabling all employees to perform at their full potential and reach even greater heights.

Creating Supportive Workplaces

Casio develops various support systems and is committed to creating a culture of mutual acceptance of diverse styles of working.

Effectively appointing and deploying employees

Casio works to maintain a healthy corporate culture where fairness and impartiality are valued in all promotion decisions. The company uses a merit-driven system combined with a performance-based approach to evaluate employees and determine compensation.

Promoting health and safety initiatives for employees

Casio seeks to build work environments where all employees of the group can work with peace of mind.