Environmental Management

Implementation framework

The annual Casio Environmental Conferences decide on the company's specific environmental plans, including its environmental policies and action plan targets. Positioned within the conference are special committees that deal with environmental issues shared by all group companies. Each business site and group company then implements the policies and plans.

Casio is currently reviewing the structure of the Casio Environmental Conservation Committee. The new organization chart is expected be ready by the next time this site is updated.

An environmental management system (ISO 14001) has been adopted at the main sites as an environmental management tool.

List of ISO 14001 Certified Sites

Certified and registered site Date acquired
Yamagata Casio Co., Ltd. November 1997
Casio Electronic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. September 1999
Casio Business Service Co., Ltd. January 2000
Hamura R&D Center, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. October 2000
Hachioji R&D Center, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. October 2000
Headquarters, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. (including seven sales sites) December 2000
Casio Human Systems Co., Ltd. December 2001
Casio Techno Co., Ltd. May 2002
Casio Computer (Hong Kong) Ltd. December 1999
Casio (Thailand) Co., Ltd. July 2012
Casio Taiwan Co., Ltd. December 2001
Casio Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. February 2002
Casio Electronics (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. April 2002

Compliance with Environmental Laws

In fiscal 2016, Casio was not subject to any legal violations, penalties, fines, or lawsuits relating to the environment.