Environmental Management

Implementation framework

In April 2017, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. integrated the individual ISO 14001 certifications for three sites—Hatsudai Headquarters, Hamura R&D Center, and Hachioji R&D Center—and began integrated ISO 14001 management upon achieving compliance with the 2015 version of the ISO 14001 standard.

Under this integrated ISO system, the Company established the following three company-wide committees to resolve environmentally material issues identified by Casio.

  • Realizing a low-carbon society (M1 committee)
  • Building a recycling society (M2 committee)
  • Living in harmony with nature (M3 committee)

These committees are integrated with the Casio Environmental Conservation Committee, in which the entire Casio Group participates, so as to ensure group-wide efforts to raise performance.

Environmental Management Organization Chart

List of ISO 14001 Certified Sites

Certified and registered site Date acquired Remarks
Yamagata Casio Co., Ltd. November 1997  
Casio Electronic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. September 1999  
Casio Business Service Co., Ltd. January 2000  
Hamura R&D Center, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. October 2000 In April 2017, Casio integrated ISO 14001 certifications for these 3 sites
Hachioji R&D Center, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. October 2000
Headquarters, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. (including seven sales sites) December 2000
Casio Human Systems Co., Ltd. December 2001 Compliance with 2015 certification
Casio Techno Co., Ltd. May 2002  
Casio Computer (Hong Kong) Ltd. December 1999  
Casio (Thailand) Co., Ltd. July 2012  
Casio Taiwan Co., Ltd. December 2001  
Casio Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. February 2002  
Casio Electronics (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. April 2002  

Compliance with Environmental Laws

In fiscal 2016, Casio was not subject to any legal violations, penalties, fines, or lawsuits relating to the environment.