Responsibilities to Customers

Casio is recognized by the market for its commitment to treating customers right. The company constantly strives to ensure its business management is worthy of customer confidence.

Product Development and Design Initiatives

Casio develops products with new value and helps create new cultural phenomena. Casio's product development concept is simple: going from "0" to "1."

Intellectual Property Initiatives

Casio implement proactive intellectual property programs in accordance with its management strategy, aiming to protect its business and increase profit.

Activities to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Casio has established an organization dedicated to customer satisfaction which reports directly to the president and is pursuing greater customer satisfaction by implementing its basic policy consisting of three major customer satisfaction initiatives.

Quality Assurance

In order to maintain the confidence of customers and ensure the reliability of its products, Casio takes an integrity-based approach to constant quality improvement.

Customer Support Center: Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Deeply valuing long-term relationships with customers, Casio strives to improve the skills of support employees and uses customer feedback in the development of products and services.

Repair Service

To please customers and ensure their peace of mind when using its products, Casio is working to improve its system for providing customer support information, while enhancing the service skills of its staff.

Stable Supply of Products

Casio is working to strengthen its global supply chain to meet rising product demand.