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Environmental Performance

Environmental initiatives

Casio has been making products smaller, slimmer, lighter, and more energy saving for years, so the concept of continually reducing environmental impact has become almost second nature. Casio applies all it has learned to environmental management in order to help realize a more sustainable global society.

Environmentally friendly products free from harmful mercury

Casio has been working hard to create products with a low impact on the environment. It has invented high-brightness projectors using the world's first light source technology that replaces high-pressure mercury lamps. As a result, all Casio projectors are now mercury-free. There have been global efforts to eliminate the use of mercury in products, including the Minamata Convention on Mercury, which aims to reduce the risk of hazardous mercury contamination. As part of this effort, Casio is striving to reduce its environmental impact as a leading company that provides mercury-free projectors.

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