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Envisioning a world no one has ever seen

"Necessity is not the mother of invention, invention is the mother of necessity." These are the words of one of Casio's founders. The people who created Casio were determined to "invent necessity"- to create products that met latent needs with groundbreaking capabilities no one had ever seen before. Ever since, Casio has been doing just that, bringing new discovery and delight to people around the world. This is Casio's way of building an even more prosperous, richly rewarding world.

Casio provides support for the intellectual creativity of human beings, aiming to make the future more fulfilling for people everywhere.

│Promoting personal growth through learning

When children receive instruction in mathematics, they acquire problem solving skills. Casio scientific calculators play a useful role in schools around the world. They make calculations easier to understand by displaying formulas just like they appear in textbooks and by displaying information in the local language. This helps students to focus on solving the problems assigned to them. Both children and adults can grow by learning. Casio provides products that support everyone’s desire to learn.

│Supporting basic human activities

When a rescue team carries out a mission in harsh conditions, total accuracy and speed are required in all circumstances. An accurate watch is indispensable in tough environments. It enables rescuers to ascertain the current and elapsed time and to determine the next action. Watches also provide important information in daily life, allowing people to make plans based on accurate information. Casio provides products that support all of these human activities.

│Empowering people to express their thoughts

A pianist captivates audiences by playing beautiful melodies. The music is created through the sensitivity of the musician and the expressive power of the instrument. Imagine an electronic piano that can be played anywhere thanks to innovative technology. Then imagine one that also recreates the tone of a grand piano made by a traditional European piano maker. It sounds like the great pianos heard in concert halls. To empower people to express their hearts and minds—this is why Casio makes products that enable people to share their joy and excitement.

│Supporting business management and efficiency

When frontline staff handle packages in a logistics center, they have to guarantee highly precise operations. Handheld terminals can be used to facilitate quick and accurate selection operations as well as management of product shipping and receiving. They can scan bar codes at high speed, even codes that are difficult to read because they are smudged, etc. Increasing frontline speed and accuracy improves management in the logistics and retail distribution businesses and beyond. Casio provides products that enhance frontline efficiency for these businesses.

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