Casio Announces Personnel Changes and Restructuring

January 23, 2020

TOKYO, January 23, 2020 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced the following personnel changes and organizational restructuring on December 27, 2019 in Japan.

Effective from January 1, 2020

Group Company Officer

President, Casio Electronic Technology (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
General Manager, Production Control Department, Supply Chain Control Unit, Production Headquarters
YAMADA Takeshi


To achieve the goals of the Medium-Term Management Plan, Casio has established a streamlined, flexible organizational structure with strengthened functions that allows new businesses to be quickly launched.

Business & Technology Development Center

  • The OIT Planning Promotion Department has been eliminated and its functions concentrated within the Imaging Technology Planning Promotion Department.

Global Marketing Headquarters

  • The PJ Planning and Marketing Department, which operated under the umbrella of the Domestic Sales Division, has been eliminated, and an efficient section structure has been established.
  • The System Sales Division’s Overseas Sales Department and planning functions have been integrated to establish the System Planning and Marketing Department. With this restructuring, the System Sale Division and its Solution Sales Department has been eliminated.