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Message from the President

Masuda Yuichi,
Representative Director, President and CEO

Cultivating Unrivaled, One-of-a-Kind Brands to Continue Delivering Inspiration to All

Enriching People’s Minds

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who appreciatively uses our products and to all of our other stakeholders.

Since our founding, we have worked to create demand in step with the evolution of semiconductor technologies and to contribute to people’s lives through the growth of our brands. As the times move on, however, digital technologies have advanced, and it is no longer possible to win via superiority in terms of functionality and performance alone. In this day and age, I feel it is vital that we use the power of our “Creativity and Contribution” to enrich people’s minds.

Creating Unique Market Positions and Growing Unrivaled, One-of-a-Kind Brands

The remarkable showing our iconic G-SHOCK brand has made over the years is the result of its success in creating satisfaction in the hearts and minds of those who wear these watches. G-SHOCK has established its originality through innovative features and performance and the diversity of its designs, and Casio has valued communication to convey that appeal.  It is in this way that G-SHOCK has grown into a global brand supported by fans around the world. Looking forward, we aim to further strengthen the Timepiece Business and create unique market positions for our other businesses as well, growing one-of-a-kind brands to continue delivering inspiration to all.

I express my hope that you will continue to honor the Casio Group with your enduring support.

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