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Message from the President | CASIO

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Message from the President

Kashio Kazuhiro, President and CEO

Casio Aims to Provide the Important Things You Keep Close in Life

│Continuing to create the things that are most important to users

I would like to express my deep appreciation to everyone who uses our products. Casio is where it is today thanks to years of support from loyal customers like you.

Our mission in society is to continually contribute to people's lives. We want to keep creating only those products that truly suit the lifestyles of our diverse users and so become the most familiar and important things in their daily lives.

│Continuing to grow with users

G-SHOCK is a watch brand that represents our company. It has won support from users not only for its performance, including shock resistance, but also for the worldview of the brand. It complements the lifestyles of diverse users and continues to be a beloved product that people cannot do without. Enjoying their shared deep appreciation of G-SHOCK, users can communicate with friends who enjoy similar fashion, music or sports, while also sparking new cultural phenomena.

Casio scientific calculators represent our second major business area after watches, and they are being actively utilized in classrooms worldwide. Thanks to our cooperation with teachers and ministries of education in many countries, our scientific calculators are being used as an indispensable tool for learning mathematics. We are continuing to develop this business in order to meet users’ needs as they change over time. This includes not only providing calculator specifications that meet the curriculums and conventions in different countries but also developing an electronic education business in the testing and textbook market, which is now transitioning from paper to electronic formats.

│Creating new and important products by leveraging our strengths

Casio products are a familiar and important part of people's lives, and this includes everything we haven’t created yet. The potential for new products is unlimited. We believe that creating this kind of new products is part of our social mission.

Casio has built many strengths over the decades. Today, we are looking into areas where Casio has unique expertise such as wearable, printing, and camera technologies, and matching our unique strengths to meet user needs as part of megatrends. By co-creating products with external partners as needed, we are working to produce original creations that will become important to those who use them and to provide new experiences that will enhance health, beauty and safety.

At Casio today, while inheriting the corporate creed of Creativity and Contribution passed down through the years, we are flexibly adapting the way we do business in response to the changing times. Casio will continue to deliver familiar and important things for people's lifestyles.

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