Message from the President

Kazuhiro Kashio, President and CEO
Kazuhiro Kashio, President and CEO

Continuously creating for our customers

I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to everyone who is using our products in daily life. Casio is where it is today thanks to the support of its customers over the six decades since its establishment. Our company has grown by developing products with priority on what will be useful to customers. By sticking to this founding spirit while also thinking about how the business needs to respond to the changing times, we will continue to provide customers with value that exceeds their expectations.

As technologies and markets change, we are revising the roles of businesses that we have conducted since our foundation. Currently, scientific calculators make up the majority of our calculator sales. Collaborating with the Ministry of Education and school teachers in each country, these calculators are actively used especially in classrooms, as a tool for studying mathematics. We ship 25 million of them every year. As dedicated devices, they offer ease of use not available in smartphones and tablets, and the product specifications can be tailored to meet the needs of students and educators in each country and region. In the test and textbook markets, which are currently transitioning from paper to electronics, we are developing Internet apps and other tools to meet the needs of the classroom as they change with the times.

Protecting and nurturing the value we have created is our promise to all of you. G-SHOCK, our signature watch brand, is a product that continues to grow with its fan base because of its unique image as well as performance features such as shock resistance. While protecting this value together with you, we will continue to provide new and inspiring products.

In addition, it is our mission to provide society with completely new value. By fully integrating and leveraging our existing technologies and collaborating with outside parties when needed, we will flexibly deliver on individual and corporate customer needs across all categories and business fields. To realize our corporate creed “Creativity and Contribution,” we will continue to develop products that are useful to customers.