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Investor Relations

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Latest Financial Results

Fisical 2024
Last Update: May.14, 2024

Financial Results
Financial Summary
Results Briefing Report
Summary of Q&A
Video Presentation

* Video Presentation availability: May 16, 2024 - Aug 2, 2024
* Video Presentation links to figbit corp. streaming

Medium-Term Management Plan

Medium-Term Management Plan

Here is a medium-term management plan from  FY2023 to FY2025.

Integrated Report

Integrated Report

You can view the integrated report.



We aim to be a company that continues to create new value.

IR News

IR/Stock Calendar

Message from the Chairman

Bringing Happiness to People Around the World by Continuing to Create the Things that Are Most Important to Users

Message from the President

Cultivating Unrivaled, One-of-a-Kind Brands to Continue Delivering Inspiration to All

Environmental, Social and Governance Initiatives




External Evaluation

FTSE4Good Index
SOMPO Sustainability Index
FTSE Blossom Japan Index
FTSE Blossom Japan Sector Relative Index
MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index
S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index



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