Casio to Upgrade Websites with New Functions to Leverage Information and Facilitate Purchases

Stepping up Digital Marketing Efforts for the New Normal and Providing Information Tailored to Individual Preferences

June 22, 2021

homepage screen
Website homepage screen shot

TOKYO, June 22, 2021 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today that it has built the CASIO Global Marketing System, an innovative technology platform for directly connecting with users around the world to deliver products and services. Based on the new system, Casio will be upgrading its websites in country after country to add e-commerce functions. The first upgraded website went live today in Taiwan .

Casio is stepping up its digital marketing efforts to meet the needs of today’s world, where megatrends such as the shift to online buying and DX are rapidly advancing and becoming mainstream. By offering users the information they need right when they need it, and providing value and experiences that are tailored to each individual user, the company aims to grow its base of “Casio fans” and further boost customer loyalty.

The upgraded websites will be redesigned with a simple structure that allows users to quickly find the products and information they are interested in straight from the homepage. In addition to website browsing status, the system integrates information such as membership registration information, user registration history, and purchase history to prioritize the display of information that is of interest to the user, making it easy for users to obtain the information they need from a variety of sources. Furthermore, since e-commerce functions will be integrated into the websites, users can instantly purchase the products they want.

Going forward, Casio will gradually renew its websites by developing a common platform that enables the integrated management of product information and content worldwide, beginning with Singapore in July, and then North American, European, and other countries, so that it can make the e-commerce capabilities available in countries with diverse market environments.