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Message from the Chairman

Kashio Kazuhiro,
Representative Director and Chairman

Bringing Happiness to People Around the World by Continuing  to Create the Things that Are Most Important to Users

Continuing to Create the Things that Are Most Important to Users

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who makes use of our products and services  and to all the other supportive stakeholders we have.

Since our founding, we have placed value on the concept of “Creativity and Contribution,” our corporate creed.
This translates to a commitment to being of benefit to the world by leveraging our unique strengths to the fullest degree to continuously create new culture in keeping with the changing times.
Through creativity for contribution, we aim to be a company that continues to create new value in the forms that are most important to those who depend on our products and services as an integral part of their lives.

Leveraging Our Strengths to the Fullest Degree to Maximize Corporate Value

In order to realize our vision, we have established the contribution to society that Casio should make and set a goal of maximizing corporate value in 2030.  By backcasting from this point, we have formulated a medium- to long-term management strategy, which we are currently implementing. To more robustly advance this goal, we have made the transition to a new management structure aimed at strengthening corporate governance as of April 2023. In this new system, I will be providing management oversight as chairman, while President Masuda Yuichi will handle execution duties.

Casio boasts special strengths we have cultivated over the years: unrivaled, one-of-a-kind products and all of our supportive Casio fans. We are committed to leveraging these strengths to the fullest degree, while adapting to the changing times as we help bring happiness to people the world over through our unique ability to offer “Creativity and Contribution.”

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