Sustainability Management

Sustainability Implementation System

Sustainability Committee and Sustainability Promotion Subcommittee

In fiscal 2018, Casio revised its CSR Committee system. Under the new system, the CSR Committee is chaired by Casio’s president, and its members include all the company directors, audit & supervisory board members and executive officers. In fiscal 2020, this system was reorganized further. The officer in charge of sustainability was made the committee chair, and the heads of all headquarters and business divisions made members. The Sustainability Promotion Subcommittee and Environmental Meeting were set up under the jurisdiction of this system, and the name was changed to the Sustainability Committee.
In order to respond to the expectations of society, the Sustainability Promotion Subcommittee identifies social issues to be addressed, and implements measures to help resolve them. As the core CSR organization, the subcommittee is composed of CSR chiefs and managers from staff-related departments at Casio Computer Co., Ltd., and all Casio group companies worldwide, and is administrated by a Secretariat. A regular meeting is held every six months, and the subcommittee activities are promoted throughout the year based on the management cycle of the fiscal year. At the start of the fiscal year, the Secretariat checks progress made on various CSR themes in the previous year. It then creates an overview of conditions for future progress, the expectations of society, and environmental changes. Priority themes for action are determined for each fiscal year, and a specific action plan is formulated. Under the action plan, ongoing themes are continued and new themes are introduced.
New themes are established upon ascertaining the current situation and challenges, and also according to requests from CSR-related departments. The CSR-related departments promote theme initiatives through programs formulated based on the original objectives and the plan for the year concerned. They also evaluate progress made on the initiatives at the end of the fiscal year, identify issues based on the results and achievements, and use them when planning improvements for the next fiscal year.

Sustainability Implementation System

Figure: Sustainability Implementation System

In fiscal 2020, four themes were pursued: (1) set sustainability goals by business unit; (2) make the most of employee diversity; (3) encourage suppliers to implement initiatives to reduce their CO2 emissions; and (4) build a global risk management system. The following table outlines the progress made on these themes in fiscal 2020 and the results achieved.

Individual themes for fiscal 2020 and implementation status and fiscal 2021 plan

Theme Fiscal 2020 performance Status Fiscal 2021 plan
1 Set sustainability goals by business unit Analyzed opportunities and risks related to SDGs by each business unit; identified related Sustainability Goals and disclosed them in integrated report Ongoing Reexamine Sustainability Goals and KPIs by business unit; reflect the results in activity plans and pursue PDCA activities
2 Make the most of employee diversity Adding to women and people with disabilities, senior employees included in the scope of the theme, “make the most of employee diversity” Ongoing Increase the percentage of women hired and people with disabilities hired, provide career training and job challenges for senior employees
3 Encourage suppliers to implement initiatives to reduce their CO2 emissions Set Scope 3 medium-term reduction targets; selected “encouraging suppliers to implement initiatives to reduce their CO2 emissions” as a priority theme Ongoing Carry out a CO2 emissions survey of key suppliers; form agreements on CO2 emissions reduction targets with suppliers
4 Build a global risk management system Rebuilt the management system for internal controls; set up an Internal Control Committee Ongoing Publish Casio Business Conduct Guidelines as a basis for internal controls and strive to familiarize employees with them throughout the entire Group