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Create individualized lifestyles

Casio has always sought to provide timepieces that accurately measure time every second of every day to support people’s lives. At the same time, Casio has created new possibilities for the timepiece by offering innovative functions and designs in watches tailored to diverse situations and uses. The G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches has won an unparalleled position in the global market. G-SHOCK watches combine practicality based on the concept of the universal value of an unbreakable watch, with appeal to user preferences shaped by cultural pursuits such as sports, music, and fashion. Going forward, Casio will employ digital marketing to provide unique value for customers’ individual lifestyles, focusing on the G-SHOCK brand.

Shock-resistant watches

Shock-resistant watches for women

High-performance analog watches

Outdoor watches

High-performance metal chronographs

Metal watches for women

G-SHOCK Development Story

When Casio entered the timepiece business in the 1970s, a watch was a delicate piece of equipment that could not be dropped. The shock-resistant G-SHOCK, launched in 1983, overturned the accepted notion of what a watc

EdTech (Education)

Improvement of educational levels in response to diverse needs

In the area of scientific calculators, which are widely used in mathematics education outside Japan, Casio provides products that are precisely tailored to the different environments and needs of about 100 countries and regions, seeking to facilitate high-quality education in cooperation with educators. Meanwhile, Casio electronic dictionaries maintain a high market share in Japan, mainly among high school students. Going forward, Casio will be working to create new value for electronic dictionaries by making them customizable for each school.

In addition, as the adoption of ICT for education accelerates, Casio is also focusing on software, for instance by providing a comprehensive learning platform that can help classes go smoothly and make lessons easy to understand. In the platform, both teachers and students use PCs or tablets to give and answer questions, and make corrections.
Comprehensive learning platform

Scientific calculators

Standard calculators

Electronic dictionaries

GAKUHAN activities: Collaborating with educators

Casio strives to enhance communication with educational institutions and teachers in various countries and regions in order to develop scientific calculators uniquely suited to their respective classes and curricula. Moreover, to facilitate deeper learning and efficient understanding using scientific calculators, Casio supports the advance of education in various ways, for instance by creating texts in collaboration with teachers who present the latest theories and research at academic conferences around the world.

Sound(Electronic Musical Instruments)

A lifestyle surrounded by pleasant sound

Casio aspires to enrich people’s lives with the joy of playing a musical instrument. Casio aims to grow the “musical population,” envisioning a world where everyone can live with a joyful sound. 

Casio wants more people to experience the wonders of music. To that end, it is developing electronic musical instruments based on the concept of Slim & Smart for the expanding enjoyment market to help every customer to have fun playing music. Meanwhile, Casio also provides products for the musical education market that help people master their musical instrument and products for the entertainment market designed for music professionals.

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid
Digital pianos

Digital pianos

Digital keyboards

Key lighting keyboards

Label Printers

Casio label printers, which can easily create labels with beautiful printing, are an electronic stationery product used in a wide range of situations. They handle a variety of labeling needs for diverse purposes, such as filing and equipment management in offices, and organizing storage and labeling things at home. New Casio products use a tape refill method, by which the company is promoting the popularization of products that significantly reduce plastic waste compared to the conventional method. This is highly regarded as an initiative that leads to the reduction of marine plastic waste, which has become a global issue.

Label printers

System Equipment

Provision of the best solutions

New business issues are emerging in various industries, driven by digital transformation accompanying technological innovation and evolving regulations. For example, in distribution and retail, payment methods are diversifying with the advance of cashless systems. Also, with the expansion of online shopping and the spread of remote operations, the transport and logistics industries are facing more serious personnel shortages. Casio provides customers with optimal hardware and software solutions to solve these problems and will continuously support strategic management to improve operational efficiency and productivity.

Handheld terminals

Electronic registers

Management support system

Human resource solution system

New Businesses

Meeting emerging social needs

Seeking to create new value that shapes the future, Casio is building one-of-a-kind businesses that meet evolving social needs.

Sports and Health

As the global public becomes more and more health conscious, Casio is building one-stop integrated services to support running and walking, working with ASICS Corporation in co-creation aimed at empowering people to live healthy, active lives.

Together, the two companies are coupling their strengths in technologies such as wearables, sensing, AI analysis, and biomechanics with sports engineering knowledge and data to provide personalized services such as a running coaching service that analyzes each individual’s running and a service that offers effective walking advice.




In this business, Casio is leveraging medical-engineering collaboration with the aim of advancing medical care facilitated by image processing and AI analysis. At present, Casio offers a dermatology camera that makes it easy to take pictures of affected areas to help diagnose skin diseases, all in one unit. In addition, Casio offers the COLPOCAMERA for uterocervical observation and photography, to support the early detection of uterocervical cancer. These cameras are available in and outside Japan. Casio is looking at expanding into other clinical fields, while also developing an AI diagnostic support service that will contribute to early detection of diseases and help to reduce the burden on doctors.

Dermatology camera

Camera for obstetrics and gynecology


Smart homes, smart buildings, and smart factories are expected to increase in number in the future. In these fields, projection AR, which creates augmented reality by projecting digital information onto real spaces, is attracting attention as a method of expression in the new metaverse. Against this backdrop, there is growing demand for compact embedded projection modules with a high degree of installation flexibility. In smart buildings, for example, they are being considering for use in public spaces and offices, such as to ensure smooth traffic flow within the facility by projecting different pictograms at different times to guide human movement.

Embedded projection module

Smart style projectors

Environmentally friendly, mercury-free projection products

Casio delivered high-brightness projection using an original light source technology that requires no high-pressure mercury lamp, and then eliminated mercury lamps in all its projector products ahead of other companies. Amid worldwide calls for an end to the use of mercury, such as the Minamata Convention on Mercury, which aims to reduce the risk of this hazardous substance, Casio aims to ensure that its projection business helps customers to reduce their environmental impact.

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