Casio's CSR Management

Casio is committed to earning the confidence of all of its stakeholders, including the broader society. In order to further enhance the effectiveness of its CSR activities, the company is engaged in various initiatives such as the improvement of corporate governance.

CSR Implementation System

Guided by ISO 26000, Casio is responding to today’s rapidly changing world by identifying the specific issues that it must address to meet the expectations of society.

Corporate Governance

Through various initiatives, Casio is working to strengthen the soundness and transparency of its management.

Compliance and Risk Management

Casio is pursuing total compliance through integrated management of three foundations of employee conduct: the Casio Group Code of Conduct, risk management, and the Whistleblower Hotline.

Respect for Human Rights

Casio has established a basic policy on respect for human rights. Casio works to raise awareness of human rights while thoroughly implementing the policy group-wide. Casio is also creating a framework for human rights due diligence.

Social Initiatives: Action Plans and Performance

Each fiscal year issues are identified, and promotion plans are drafted and implemented to ensure that CSR activities are steadily carried out.