Direcotrs and Executive Officers


Representative Director, Chairman of the Board

Kazuhiro Kashio

Directors, Members of the Board

Toshiyuki Yamagishi

Shin Takano

Tetsuo Kashio

Outside Director, Member of the Board

Motoki Ozaki

Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member

Tomoyuki Uchiyama

Outside Directors, Audit & Supervisory Committee Members

Michiko Chiba

Hirotomo Abe

Executive Officers

President and CEO

Kazuhiro Kashio

Senior Executive Managing Officer

Yuichi Masuda

Senior General Manager, Product Development Headquarters; Senior General Manager, Timepiece Business Unit, Business Strategy Headquarters

Executive Managing Officer

Takashi Kashio

Senior General Manager, Global Marketing Headquarters

Executive Officers

Toshiyuki Yamagishi

Responsible for General Affairs, Public Relations and Corporate Communications

Shin Takano

Senior General Manager, Finance Division

Tetsuo Kashio

Senior General Manager, Customer Satisfaction Headquarters

Shigenori Itoh

Chairman and CEO, Casio America, Inc.

Nobuyuki Mochinaga

Senior General Manager, Consumer Product Development Unit, Product Development Headquarters

Jin Nakayama

Senior General Manager, Business & Technology Development Center

Atsushi Yazawa

Senior General Manager, Production Headquarters

Koji Moriya

Responsible for Building Next-Generation R&D Environment

Masayuki Uehara

Responsible for Language Education Marketing, Global Marketing Headquarters

Nobuyuki Inada

Deputy Senior General Manager, Production Headquarters

Toshiyuki Iguchi

Responsible for New Business Projects, Business & Technology Development Center

Shinji Ota

Senior General Manager, Educational Computer Business Unit, Business Strategy Headquarters

Seiji Tamura

Senior General Manager, Corporate Management Division; Responsible for Investor Relations

Tetsuro Izumi

Responsible for Structural Reform

Tomoo Kato

Senior General Manager, Overseas Sales Division, Global Marketing Headquarters

Tetsuya Kawai

Deputy Senior General Manager, Product Development Headquarters

Yukio Aoshika

Deputy Senior General Manager, Domestic Sales and Marketing Division, Global Marketing Headquarters

Shinichi Nakamura

General Manager, Human Resources Department