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Considering Human Rights in Corporate Activities | CASIO


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Considering Human Rights in Corporate Activities

Checking for Human Rights Issues

Casio has been taking stock of human rights issues since 2012, using ISO 26000 as a guide. In order to strengthen its due diligence, Casio sought the advice of experts and created its own tool for checking the status of human rights, taking the Danish Institute for Human Rights’ Human Rights Compliance Assessment Quick Check as a reference. Casio uses the tool to make effective assessments and conduct education relating to human rights. Using the tool, Casio took stock of the status of initiatives addressing human rights issues at Casio Computer Co., Ltd. and at group companies in and outside Japan in fiscal 2015. The secretariat performed issue analysis based on the gathered data, and the results were provided as feedback to the group companies.

From fiscal 2017 to fiscal 2021, Casio checked for human rights issues, alternating year by year between checking group production companies and group sales companies.

In fiscal 2022 and fiscal 2023, Casio reviewed the results of the human rights checkups it had conducted since 2016, as well as its human rights checkup tool, and prepared new human rights checkups, which are set to start in fiscal 2024. Going forward, each site will make improvements based on the feedback by applying the PDCA cycle, in order to enhance human rights due diligence throughout the group.

Education and Awareness-Raising

Casio regularly provides internal education for Casio Computer Co., Ltd. and group companies in and outside Japan in order to spread awareness about respect for human rights.

In fiscal 2023, respect for human rights was taken up as one of the CSR material issues for Casio in the course of sustainability training, which is held once per year. Training was provided on matters including the Casio Group Policy on Human Rights and human rights initiatives, and levels of comprehension were evaluated.

In addition, Casio invited an outside expert to provide a lecture for Sustainability Leaders at Casio Computer and Casio group companies in Japan. The lecture was held on human rights issues related to Casio and initiatives on respect for human rights required for corporate activities taking the approach of “business and human rights.”

Preventing Harassment

Casio has stipulated in the Casio Business Conduct Guidelines that it will not engage in any acts that ignore individuality, and will not countenance sexual, power, maternity or any other form of harassment. The company has issued Guidelines to Prevent Harassment and established a hotline. The hotline is available to respond to issues raised by telephone or e-mail, demonstrating Casio’s determination to prevent harassment and quickly address any issues which arise. Moreover, in its employment regulations and disciplinary rules, Casio has specified that persons who commit harassment will be subject to discipline. As an educational measure, Casio has conducted annual harassment prevention training for officers and all employees of the Group in Japan (including persons on assignment outside Japan) in accordance with the revision of laws and regulations in 2020, and will continue to thoroughly raise awareness of preventing harassment.

Establishment of Employee Hotline

Casio has established a point of contact for labor-management consultation (Grievance Committee) to address employee concerns and inquiries on corporate culture, human relations, and pay and working conditions and strives to create an environment in which employees feel comfortable about seeking consultations. Additionally, the Whistleblower Hotline provides consultation about and responds to reports of human rights infringements.

Whistleblower Hotline

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