Human Resource Development


Social Background

Amid a rapidly changing business environment, Casio believes that for corporations to respond to these changes in a flexible manner, developing human resources with the ability to adapt to a range of roles, rather than human resources with specialized skills, will lead to reinforced organizational capabilities and increased productivity.

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Casio arranges training for specific job grades so that each employee acquires the basic knowledge and skills required to fulfill their assigned role. The company also provides extensive opportunities to acquire knowledge on advanced technology and trends required at any given time in accordance with the changing times by offering training for specific jobs, training to provide skills, and in-house seminars. Casio has developed a system that allows each employee to take the initiative to acquire the necessary skills and will continue to support the growth of individual employees.

Management Approach


The Human Resources Department considers group-wide strategy related to human resource development and plans and implements common, group-wide education. Individual departments and the Human Resources Department collaborate to plan and implement education for the specialist skills required by each department.

Activity Results

Overview of Human Resource Development

Training system

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Casio has various human resource development programs designed to develop creative employees who are eager to take on challenges and to train professionals with early tracking into specialized fields.

The company emphasizes on-the-job (OJT) training to improve practical skills, complemented by off-the-job (off-JT) training to provide theoretical knowledge.

Casio conducts the necessary training for all the job grades in its in-house ranking system, and the company is working constantly to upgrade and enhance its human resource development system. As part of this system, Casio offers measures to train existing workers to make them professionals and training for specific job grades to all eligible employees. The human resource training page on the company’s intranet explains each system of training as well as showing comments from employees who have used the system. Casio endeavors to encourage utilization of the system and support employee education by presenting success stories and good news.

In addition to the system above, Casio holds Life Plan Seminars for all group company employees in Japan when they reach the ages of 53 and 58 (245 employees in fiscal 2019: 127 aged 53 and 118 aged 58). The seminars help employees plan their lives after the company retirement age of 60, with information on areas such as retirement career planning, skills development, retirement benefits, the pension system, the re-employment system and health management. Going forward, in addition to the content described above, Casio plans to further augment career support for retired employees.

Annual average number of hours of training (Casio Computer Co., Ltd.)

At present, Casio is engaged in an overall review of training strategy. The company is discontinuing training when the ideas have been absorbed and removing training with duplicate content and will progressively add training where reinforcement is needed going forward. (Due to the impact of the review, the average number of hours of training declined in fiscal 2019.)

Image: Annual average number of hours of training (Casio Computer Co., Ltd.)
*Training for selected employees, Training for specific job grade, and Skill selective training

Proportion of employees receiving regular assessment of their performance and career development progress

Image: Proportion of employees receiving regular assessment of their performance and career development progress

Surveys and Verification Relating to Utilization and Development of Human Resources

In off-the-job training, questionnaires are given to employees every time they attend a training session, and their requests and opinions are used to help make improvements in the following fiscal year and beyond. In on-the-job training, when employees register for the Career Challenge System (described below), they can register their opinions about the system itself. Furthermore, when the company establishes new systems, it verifies the system through prior interviews and trial runs with the aim of achieving more effective operation.

Main Human Resource Development Programs

Career Challenge System

This system lets employees periodically register their careers, skills, and personal challenges with the company, and serves as an important reference for assisting managers to determine policies on developing their subordinates and future placement planning. Participants can also register challenges they would like to undertake in their current jobs. By allowing employees to share their goals with superiors, the system helps to create an energetic work environment.

New Employee Training, Follow-up Training, Second-Year Training

Training for young employees is offered for new entrants as well as for first-year and second-year employees so that they can learn the basics of being a Casio employee and look back at their own approach to work.

Skill Selective Training

The training targets all regular employees, for the objective of effectively and efficiently acquiring diverse skills required for work operations, in a training program that allows employees to select from a large variety of training courses. The targeted skills are divided into three categories: specialized skills, strategic skills, and interpersonal skills. It also functions as an opportunity for network building within the company, as employees from different occupational categories attend the same training.

Techno Power

This is an exhibition event held annually for the objectives of stimulating engineers, and sharing and accumulating technology. In Techno Power, Casio solicits new technology and know-how created in-house and recognizes projects with outstanding levels of technology and/or excellence of concept. This encourages venturing into new technology by establishing a forum for announcing results and offering recognition.

In-house specialist seminars

These are lectures by outside trailblazers in advanced technology and innovators who were able to develop revolutionary new products and create new businesses.

Recent themes have been selected from multi-faceted perspectives, going beyond technology trends. They include leading-edge technology trends with high levels of originality and technology, and ways of thinking to create new products. Approximately 200 employees took part.

Language training and language exams

Casio offers language training in a range of formats tailored to employee needs, such as online English conversation training and seminars on speaking and writing, with the aim of raising employees’ language skills. Opportunities to take language exams such as TOEIC and VERSANT are offered three times a year, and their motivation to study is raised by regularly providing opportunities to measure the effect of their studies.

Right Person for the Right Job

In fiscal 2019, Casio introduced the Job Challenge System to place the right people in the right jobs by valuing employees intentions’ and support their independent career planning. Additionally, career interviews are conducted with those who desire one and support provided as appropriate when employees consider their career direction. Casio also makes its intranet and database available to the managers of each department to allow them to conduct comprehensive assessment of the human resource development information on their subordinates, which they then utilize for training within the department.
Additionally, in order to make it easier to reflect employees’ wishes in the ordinary course of business, employees declare a task that they would like to attempt and this intention is shared with their supervisors and made use of in task assignment and rotation.

Global Human Resources Strategy

Casio is reinforcing its global expansion in all business fields, including existing and new businesses. In light of its continuing business expansion outside Japan, Casio has started creating a global human resources strategy. This project includes the enhancement of human resources functions at group companies outside Japan and the establishment of a system for developing human resources who are prepared to meet global standards.

Vision of global talent

Casio’s employees around the world must always think from the headquarters’ perspective in order to demonstrate leadership. The human resources department uses various opportunities and tools to convey and share with employees messages on the importance of thinking of Japan as just one area in the world and of changing one’s mindset to work with a global outlook.

Vision of global talent

Establishment of standards for the roles of persons sent on assignment outside Japan

It is important to increase the number of human resources with the aptitude for assignment outside Japan. At the same time, however, Casio is endeavoring to develop local employees and create more opportunities for their promotion. It does this by sending people on assignments outside Japan only to perform roles that cannot be done by local employees and by clarifying their division of roles with local employees. Casio will establish a table of standards and develop a check system to enable its employees around the world to shine by placing the right people in the right jobs.

Example: Image of the use of the table of standards for the roles of persons sent on assignment outside Japan
Image: the use of the table of standards for the roles of persons sent on assignment outside Japan

Provision of local information to persons going on assignment outside Japan and development of multicultural management skills

Casio systematically provides grade-based training to persons going on assignment outside Japan according to their mission at the location of assignment.

The company provides Training for Presidents outside Japan for top management, Site Management Skills Training for senior management, and Multicultural Management Skills Training and Lectures on Assignment Location Situation for all persons going on assignment outside Japan. Additionally, Casio provides educational information for accompanying children, and other efforts to strengthen on-location living support.

Training system before assignment outside Japan
Image: Training system before assignment outside Japan

Global career path

In order to continuously develop global human resources, it is not enough to use a direct approach from the human resources department to employees; people who can develop global human resources must be developed and promoted as managers so that employees can grow through their work in the field. Accordingly, Casio has developed its conventional career path into a global career path. So that employees in addition to those involved in sales outside Japan will have even a broader perspective, the company has enhanced personnel placement to give employees wide-ranging experience before they become section chiefs, department managers, and division managers. This approach will be used in future human resources development and placement planning.

Global career path (sales)
Iamge: Global career path (sales)

Strengthening human resources functions at group companies outside Japan

The strengthening of human resources functions is becoming an increasingly important issue at group companies outside Japan, which are increasing in number and growing in size rapidly around the world with the continued expansion of Casio’s business outside Japan. In this environment, Casio is working at enhancing human resources functions throughout the group, ensuring that they reflect the shared Casio corporate creed, by sharing its global human resources philosophy and know-how. This effort includes restructuring human resources systems to make them suitable to each company, taking into consideration each country’s values, laws, and other characteristics.

Global human resources governance system

Casio actively engages in exchanges of opinions on what the Casio Group perspective should be about local problems and circumstances. The headquarters human resource division also directly dialogues with and provides advice on system design to members of human resources departments at local companies.

Image: Global human resources governance system