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Casio Business Conduct Guidelines | CASIO

Casio Business Conduct Guidelines

The Casio Business Conduct Guidelines provide the specific code of conduct that executives and employees of the Casio Group must observe in order to apply the corporate creed of Creativity and Contribution to their daily work activities. We all must remember that compliance is the foundation of corporate activities and strive to follow these guidelines in good faith.

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Purpose of the Casio Business Conduct Guidelines

1. Developing high-quality products and services and continuing to serve society
2. Careful environmental considerations in all business activities
3. Ensuring fair, honest, and appropriate transaction activities
4. Respecting human rights in all aspects of business activities
5. Respecting employee diversity and fostering supportive work environments
6. Appropriate disclosure of corporate information and constructive stakeholder dialogue
7. Promoting social contribution activities to help realize a sound and spiritually rich society
8. Performing comprehensive risk management of any hazards such as natural disasters, information security breaches, and sudden changes in the business environment
9. Senior management and heads of organizations’ responsibility for setting a good example of leadership by fully observing the Casio Business Conduct Guidelines and ensuring they are completely known to Everyone

A Global Initiative Supported by Casio
Relevant Internal Regulation

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