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Providing Supportive Workplace Environments and Promoting Diversity

Approach and Policy

│Social Issue

Management resources include goods, money, and information, but it is people who actually make corporate activities happen. To survive intense corporate competition and keep growing, Casio recognizes that it must constantly maximize the value of the management resource that its people represent. Casio is committed to addressing issues like the aging population and declining birthrate, decrease in the working population, and growing diversity of work-styles, and recognizes that this will require building a workplace environment that empowers each and every employee to perform at an even higher level.

│Importance for the Casio Group

The Casio Group has approximately 10,000 employees, including human resources with diverse individuality and skills. For Casio to expand further, it is essential to continue providing environments that allow these human resources to reach the full potential of their abilities.
If personnel systems and workplace environments do not respond to new demands with the changing times, vitality as a corporate organization is lost and competitiveness could decline. Therefore, as a corporation, Casio remains constantly aware of changes in society and employees and believes that it is vital to establish a workplace environment that responds to change appropriately.

│Targets and Action Plan

In order to continually realize its corporate creed, Casio has put in place the Charter of Creativity, which sets out the basic principles around the awareness and actions expected of Casio people. However, the Charter would have no meaning if not practiced and embodied; simply stating principles is not enough. It can be said that what all employees actually do on the job constitutes the true practice and embodiment of these values.

In order to fulfill the Charter of Creativity, the Code of Conduct has been set out as follows.

Establishing sound workplaces
We embrace the diversity of our employees in terms of their personality, individuality, cultural background, values and opinions, and will strive to create sound workplaces that integrate such diversity.
We recognize the importance of maintaining a work-life balance and will flexibly embrace a variety of different ways of working.
We will maintain a safe, hygienic, and comfortable workplace environment, and will strive each day to prevent workplace accidents and injuries as well as illnesses.
We will proactively take part in initiatives to maintain and promote better health. We will be considerate of not only our own health, but the health of those around us.
Casio strives to build environments that allow employees to perform to their full potential based on this policy.


Human affairs reform to establish a new corporate culture
Casio has launched human affairs reform initiatives to establish a corporate culture that ensures that sustainable growth and development are linked to management strategies. Casio works to revitalize the organization and human resources with the following three basic principles.

Create an innovative and exciting workplace in which everyone can constantly create new customer value
Employ a benefits and evaluation system that stimulates creative and innovative behavior and appropriately rewards contributions and performance
Build a human resource development system that supports employees’ independent pursuit of their job responsibilities and career development

Pursuit of workstyle reform
Casio is currently engaged in making workstyle reforms that create a dynamic company atmosphere and a workplace that motivates every employee while making it easy for them to perform well. For example, Casio has introduced staggered commuting times, a work-from-home system, utilizes online meetings, and has removed all regulations on attire while at work.

Diversity initiatives
Casio has been implementing diversity initiatives to create conditions where all employees can work enthusiastically and enjoy job satisfaction, regardless of gender, nationality, age, or level of ability.

│Targets and Action Plan

Evaluation ◎: All targets met, ○ : Most targets met, △ : Remaining issues outweigh results, × : No progress made

FY2021 Targets and KPI FY2021 Performance Evaluation FY2022 Targets and KPI
  • Maintain childcare leave usage rate for eligible employees of 90% or more
  • Maintain rate of employee return after childcare leave of 90% or more
(including contract employees)
  • Achieved childcare leave usage rate for eligible employees of 100%
  • Achieved a rate of employee return after childcare leave of 100%
(including contract employees)
  • Maintain childcare leave usage rate for eligible employees of 90% or more
  • Maintain rate of employee return after childcare leave of 90% or more
(including contract employees)
Achieve a female employee recruitment rate of 25% or more Five of the 30 employees who joined the company in April 2021 were women (16.7%) Achieve a female employee recruitment rate of 25% or more
Achieve legally mandated employment rate of people with disabilities at 2.3% or more Employment rate of people with disabilities: 2.29% (as of April 1, 2021) Achieve legally mandated employment rate of people with disabilities at 2.3% or more

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