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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Main stakeholders of the Casio Group

Casio strives to ascertain and understand how its operations impact the environment and society and what kind of contributions it can make. It then identifies stakeholder groups and strives to implement appropriate measures for each.

Companies must not become complacent in their efforts to pursue sustainability and maintain social trust. The first step in earning stakeholders’ understanding and trust for the initiatives of the company is listening to what they have to say. Good communication is a necessity, and it is not a one-way street. Companies must find solutions that benefit both their stakeholders and their business, as well as the global society as a whole. By actively disclosing information to stakeholders, and creating opportunities for dialogue with them, Casio finds out what stakeholders expect, evaluates its existing activities, and plans future initiatives.

Main Stakeholder Group Main Casio Group Responsibilities Main Dialogue Opportunities / Information Disclosure
Customers Developing and providing high-quality products and services that are socially useful
Ensuring stable product supply
Providing proper, customer-oriented information that is easy to understand
Improving customer satisfaction
Providing fast and accurate support to customersProperly managing customer information
Daily sales activities
Customer Support Center
Customer satisfaction surveys
Casio’s official website and social media
Exhibitions and events
Suppliers Fair and equitable transactions
Requesting CSR implementation and providing support
Daily procurement activities
Holding vendor conferences
Sustainability questionnaires
Whistleblower hotline for suppliers
Shareholders and investors Timely and appropriate information disclosure
Appropriate profit returns
General Meeting of Shareholders
Financial result briefings
Management briefings
Investor Relations website
Integrated report
Financial reports (shareholder newsletter)
Responding to questionnaires from ESG evaluation organizations
Employees Respecting human rights
Promoting diversity and inclusion
Promoting balance of work and family life
Human resource recruitment and utilization
Fair evaluation and treatment
Industrial health and safety and employee health promotion
Casio intranet and internal newsletter
Group Workers’ Labor-Management Conference
Occupational Safety and Health Committees
Career challenge system
Whistleblower hotline for employees
Employee training
Employee questionnaire
Local communities Respecting and preserving regional cultures
Activities that contribute to local communities
Preventing accidents and disasters at sites
Providing support to disaster-stricken regions where sites are located
Factory and workplace tours
School visit program
Employee participation in local volunteer activities and community events
Global environment Environmental consideration in product development
Environmentally responsible business activities
Complying with environmental laws
Protecting biodiversity
NGO/NPO Protecting the environment, human rights, and biodiversity
Support for local communities and cultural activities
Responding to questionnaires
Holding dialogues
Implementing social contribution programs together with NGOs and NPOs

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