Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainability Report 2019 Download report sections

Sustainability Report 2019, all pages (PDF / 23.4MB)

Cover (PDF / 25KB)
Contents (PDF / 37KB)
Editorial Policy (PDF / 167KB)
Corporate Overview (PDF / 483KB)
Message from the President (PDF / 204KB)
Pursuing an abundant environment that supports biodiversity ̶The environmental contributions of PRO TREK watches (PDF / 525KB)
Learning from Model CSR Companies: SDGs at the Heart of Hitachi’s Business Strategy (PDF / 346KB)

CSR Management (PDF / 2,611KB)
Casio’s Corporate Creed and Approach to CSR (PDF / 1,103KB)
Social Trends and CSR Progress (PDF / 161KB)
CSR Implementation System (PDF / 218KB)
Material Issues for Casio (PDF / 355KB)
Stakeholder Engagement (PDF / 164KB)
Corporate Governance (PDF / 403KB)
Corruption Prevention Initiatives / Compliance (PDF / 280KB)
Risk Management (PDF / 336KB)
External Evaluation (PDF / 349KB)

Social Report (PDF / 6,766KB)
Quality Assurance (PDF / 362KB)
Activities to Improve Customer Satisfaction (PDF / 726KB)
Intellectual Property Initiatives (PDF / 195KB)
Supply Chain Management (PDF / 871KB)
Making the Most of Human Resources and Maintaining Optimal Workplace Environments (PDF / 1,241KB)
Human Resource Development (PDF / 1,171KB)
Occupational Safety and Health (PDF / 673KB)
Respect for Human Rights (PDF / 265KB)
Social Contribution Activities (PDF / 2,323KB)

Environmental Report (PDF / 5,525KB)
Environmental Management (PDF / 567KB)
Environmental Action Plan (Targets and Performance) (PDF / 165KB)
Realizing a Decarbonized Society (PDF / 577KB)
Building a Recycling Society (PDF / 705KB)
Living in Harmony with Nature (PDF / 3,277KB)
Material Balance (PDF / 603KB)
CO2 Emissions Throughout the Entire Value Chain (PDF / 96KB)
Environmental Performance Data (PDF / 218KB)
Verification Statement (PDF / 132KB)
Environmental Accounting (PDF / 94KB)
Environmental Compliance (PDF / 185KB)

GRI Content Index (PDF / 233KB)

Sustainability Report 2019

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