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Sustainability Report 2020 | CASIO


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Sustainability Report 2020

Fiscal 2020

Entire Report

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Editorial Policy

Corporate Overview

Message from the President

Casio’s Sustainability Concept

Casio’s Sustainability Concept
Corporate Creed and Sustainability Management
Medium-Term Priority Strategies for Sustainability
Vision and Materiality
Sustainability Goals

Sustainability Management

Sustainability Implementation System
History of Sustainability Management
Stakeholder Engagement
External Evaluation

Environmental Report

Material Issues for Environmental Performance
Environmental Management
Environmental Action Plan (Targets and Performance)
Realizing a Decarbonized Society
Building a Recycling Society
Living in Harmony with Nature
Environmental Performance Data
Environmental Compliance

Social Report

Material Issues for Social Performance
Quality Assurance
Activities to Improve Customer Satisfaction
Intellectual Property Initiatives
Supply Chain Management
Making the Most of Human Resources and Maintaining Optimal Workplace Environments
Human Resource Development
Occupational Safety and Health
Respect for Human Rights
Social Contribution Activities


Corporate Governance
Corruption Prevention Initiatives /Compliance
Risk Management

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