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Supplier Guidelines

Casio is provided with materials by so many suppliers for its global business operation. Under the situation, we believe that it is of primary importance for Casio to fulfill its social responsibilities throughout the supply chain including its suppliers. In order to accomplish this objective, Casio would like to ask all of its suppliers to implement the following requirements.

1. Compliance with laws and social norms

Casio gains full confidence of customers around the world not only through providing optimal products but also through complying with all relevant laws, social norms, standards and treaties worldwide, including the protection of human rights, the prohibition of child labor, forced labor and discrimination, and avoiding the use of conflict minerals, and respect for freedom of association, the right to associate, and the right to collective bargaining, as well as ensuring that absolutely no contact is made with organized criminal elements. Therefore, Casio requires its suppliers to observe the same legal and social norms in their own areas or countries.

2. Environmental protection

Casio contributes to building sustainable societies by providing environmentally friendly products. In this respect, Casio wants to promote environmental activities in cooperation with its suppliers to implement the same environmental activities for the materials or parts comprising the product in their local process of procurement or production, including the following.

  • To implement the management system conforming to ISO 14001.
  • To disclose and control the chemical contents in order to guarantee non-content of the banned substances designated by Casio.
  • To supply parts with consideration to the fight against global warming and saving and recycling resources.

3. Proper information security

Casio requests its suppliers to keep the know-how or confidential information that has been obtained through business with Casio or the same that is consigned to Casio by third parties under strict management to prevent any possible leakage thereof.

4. Respect for the intellectual property

Casio respects and protects the intellectual property of other parties as well as its own in order to prevent unfair or illegal usage or infringement thereof. Casio explicitly requests its suppliers to implement the same level and nature of strict management with respect to this issue.

5. Sound and stable corporate management

Supplier’s sound and stable corporate management is essential to continuation of transactions. In this respect, Casio would like to ask its suppliers to positively respond to Casio’s request for information disclosure on the management policies and the current status thereof as well as to inform Casio, without delay, of the issues that may affect their corporate management.

6. Superior technological development abilities

Casio always provides its customers worldwide with optimal products to gain their full confidence in Casio. With reference to this point, Casio would like to ask its suppliers to offer their technological development abilities that can realize new technologies, new parts or new materials required by Casio as well as those that help to create new product advantages in collaboration with Casio’s development abilities.

7. Securing right price and quality

The price and quality of the materials supplied to Casio by its suppliers directly affect competitiveness of Casio products, and, therefore, Casio would like to ask its suppliers to realize the right price and quality through continuous efforts of cost-reduction activities and quality-maintenance activities.

8. Securing stable supply

In order to make sure of stable supply of products Casio ought to be flexible enough to always keep up with customers’ needs, and, therefore, Casio would like to ask its suppliers to establish stable and yet flexible material-supply system and to reform it from time to time.

9. Ability to deal with electronic transaction systems

As it is very important to Casio and its suppliers for efficient business transactions to exchange the necessary business information quickly and accurately, Casio would like to make sure, at the initiation of business, that suppliers are able to adopt the electronic transaction system, and Casio also expects suppliers to protect the system from any network security risks.

10. Prohibition of personal-interest relationships

Procurement activities are the transactions done between the corporations, and, therefore, Casio prohibits its employees from having personal-interest relationships with suppliers. In case suppliers should be confronted with Casio employee’s inappropriate doings such as those listed below, please kindly inform Casio about it.

  • Giving or receiving money, goods, or requesting special entertainment.
  • Rendering special treatments or advantages to particular suppliers.
  • Insider’s trading.

11. Use of the Partners’ Hotline

If and when suppliers discover any illegal conduct by Casio employee(s), such as that listed in section 10 above, and/or any misconduct such as the abuse of dominant bargaining position prohibited under Japan’s Anti-monopoly Act and Subcontract Act, suppliers are asked to use the following link to the external Partners’ Hotline in order to report on or consult about such misconduct by Casio employee(s).


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