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Integrated Report 2022 | CASIO


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Integrated Report 2022

Fiscal 2022

This report is only available PDF format.

Fiscal 2022 Entire Report

Interactive PDF

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PDF, for printing

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    Corporate Creed/Our Value as a Company

    Table of Contents/Editing Policy

    Casio’s Value Creation

    Our Value Creation Journey
    Value Creation Model
    Businesses and Outputs in FYE 3/2022


    Message from the CEO
    Message from the CHRO
    Message from the CFO
    Financial and Nonfinancial Highlights

    Direction of Management Up to 2030

    Background to Formulation
    Direction of Business and Management
    Material Issues

    Specific Strategies

    Business Strategy
    Strategy by Function
    Management Platform Strategy
    ESG Message fromCorporate Officers


    Corporate Governance
    Risk Management and Compliance
    Messages from Our Outside Directors
    Director, Member of the Board
    Executive Officers

    Financial Section

    Consolidated 11-Year Summary
    Consolidated Balance Sheets
    Consolidated Statements of Income
    Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income
    Consolidated Statements of Changes in Net Assets
    Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
    Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements
    Independent Auditor’s Report
    Company Data
    Stock Information

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