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Casio Releases Integrated Report 2023

January 31, 2024


Integrated Report 2023

Tokyo, January 31, 2024 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of its Integrated Report 2023 in English.

Casio is implementing a Three-Year Medium-Term Plan based on its Medium- and Long-Term Management Policies designed to maximize corporate value by 2030. The integrated report explains the Casio Group’s business strategies for implementing its policies and plan, including strategies in the Timepiece, EdTech, and Sound businesses, as well as the infrastructure strategies in areas such as technology, human capital, and sustainability management that will support the Group’s business strategies. As a special feature, the report also introduces the creativity of the Casio brand using the globally-recognized G-SHOCK brand as an example.

This report communicates Casio’s commitment to working for the sustainable development of business and society and is designed to spark further communication with stakeholders.

■Main Content

  • Message from the CEO and CHRO
  • Casio’s Value Creation     (Message from the Chairman, Casio’s Value Creation Model, Casio’s Business Overview, Casio’s Power to Build Brands)
  • Vision and Strategy    (Identifying Material Issues, Basic Policy for 2030, Medium-Term Management Plan, Message from the CFO, Core Strategies, Infrastructure Strategies)
  • Foundations for Value Creation    (Dialogue with Outside Directors, List of Directors, Corporate Governance, Environment)
  • Data Section    (SummaryFinancial Statements, Company Data, Stock Information)

■Access Integrated Report 2023 here

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