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Our Commitment to Sustainability as a Member of the International Community

Pursuing Sustainable Growth for Casio and the World

The Casio corporate creed of “Creativity and Contribution” captures our founders’ vision of contributing to society by offering products with unprecedented, innovative functionality. Our unwavering commitment to putting this creed into practice, I am convinced, will help drive sustainable growth for both Casio and the world. 

In the spring of 2023, we announced a Medium- and Long-Term Management Policy of “creating new sources of value in the market and growing unrivaled, one-of-a-kind brands,” positioning it as foundational to achieving our goals for 2030. Maintaining a sustainability-focused mindset will be critical to our efforts to fulfill this policy. This is why we have made “the sustainability management required to make sustainable contributions to society” the core of the infrastructure strategies we are executing to ensure we meet our aims.

Rather than regarding business and sustainability as separate from one another, we are integrating the concept of sustainability into our core business operations and linking it to the contributions we make as a company. This means we are asking every employee to consider sustainability a matter of personal relevance. Since 2015, we have been working to foster this kind of consciousness by implementing our Sustainability Leader training program. We have also more clearly identified focus areas by reviewing our material issues for the current fiscal year. Going forward, we will accelerate efforts to promote sustainability for both Casio and the wider world. To accomplish this, our management will focus on business activities that leverage Casio strengths and generate innovation, while also addressing climate change, enhancing human capital, giving full consideration to human rights, and strengthening corporate governance.

Addressing Climate Change Via Our Business Activities

A series of announcements have declared the summer of 2023 the hottest summer on record in the history of global observation. I feel this may have prompted a further shift in the way people think about climate change.

As a responsible manufacturing company, we develop products with low environmental impact. Our products are compact, lightweight, and slim, and energy efficiency is one of our strengths. I am determined to further strengthen our approach to sustainable business development across the entire value chain, for instance by working harder to decarbonize our manufacturing processes.

Casio is committed to making steady progress on its medium- and long-term greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, which are one form of benchmark in this regard. In addition to setting targets for reducing direct emissions from the entire Casio Group (Scope 1) and indirect emissions associated with energy use (Scope 2), we are classifying emissions from the value chain related to Casio’s business activities into relevant Scope 3 categories and aggregating them. We have set emissions reduction targets for sectors with particularly large emissions and are pursuing emissions reductions in all Scope 3 categories.

Invigorating Human Resources Programs to Foster Independent People and Drive Sustainable Organizational Growth

Fostering independent personnel entails a pair of important issues: developing human resources who think and act proactively; and building a climate in which all are free to engage in their work in a self-directed manner. Casio takes a three-pronged approach to this with a focus on three specific programs: promoting health and productivity management; fostering independent personnel; and strengthening management.

Casio regards health and productivity management to be a fundamental component of routine business operations and has focused on this issue, as demonstrated by the Casio Basic Policy on Health. Additionally, to equip human resources for today’s era of digital transformation (DX), in 2021 we established a Digital Division to promote relevant retraining of existing employees and expand mid-career recruitment efforts in line with our future business strategies.

In terms of fostering independent personnel, Casio has adopted a vision of the ideal employee as one who thinks and acts proactively, and thereby contributes to the company’s growth and development. We aim to foster an organizational culture in which employees are equipped to grasp changes in the world pertinently, adapt their responses flexibly, perceive the essence of issues in order to build new frameworks, and promote the evolution of the organization as a whole while sharing their expertise with colleagues.

The future calls upon us to create new value by combining the strengths of employees’ diverse values. The leadership skills of those in management positions are also an important factor in building an open-minded work environment where our diverse people can apply their abilities to the fullest extent and all can play an active role. At Casio, we value diversity among the people tasked with organizational decision-making. Accordingly, we are working to enhance management skills overall and taking specific steps to ensure more women serve in management positions. 

Constantly Promoting Respect for Human Rights, Raising Awareness and Taking Action

At Casio, we are aware that our global operations carry the potential to negatively impact the human rights of diverse stakeholders. As we further expand our operations worldwide, we will continue to bolster our initiatives to live up to global standards, making respect for human rights an essential component of our efforts to practice sustainability.

Back in 2014, we established the Casio Group Policy on Human Rights, and we continue to confirm the status of initiatives for human rights protection taken by our Group companies both in and outside Japan using an original Casio tool. Casio also provides all trade partners with Supplier Guidelines clarifying stipulations regarding respect for human rights, including prohibitions of discrimination, and requesting their compliance with our policies. We conduct surveys and take other steps to strengthen the implementation and management of these policies. We are practicing human rights due diligence throughout the Group by implementing PDCA cycles to drive ongoing improvement at each site.

Steadily Enhancing Corporate Governance

Casio has complied with Japan’s Corporate Governance Code to ensure ever-higher degrees of corporate transparency and fairness. In April 2023, Casio transitioned to a new framework that further clarified the roles and responsibilities of those in executive and supervisory positions. This is helping to ensure the robust functioning of a proactive approach to governance, which will in turn drive sustainable growth and the medium- to long-term enhancement of corporate value. This will also yield steady improvements in business performance and ensure that we are prepared to address risks swiftly and effectively.

As we build the future of Casio, we will keep making the most of our strengths in innovation, while at the same time honoring our heritage, including the vision of our founders.

Masuda Yuichi
Representative Director, President and CEO

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