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Logistics Process Initiatives

Logistics Process Initiatives

Casio is actively reducing its environmental impact by striving to reduce CO2 and waste emissions arising from logistics. In order to reduce CO2 emissions in the logistics process, Casio is promoting the following three action plans.

  • Shortening transport distances: Considering and promoting direct shipping to distribution centers in Japan from manufacturing sites outside Japan and direct shipping to business partners in quantity lots
  • Promoting a modal shift: Actively using modes of transport with low environmental impact such as rail for transport between sites
  • Improving loading efficiency and reducing transport volume: Improving the packaging design of electronic dictionaries, musical instruments electronic cash registers, and other products, and reducing the volume of packaging

Four products obtain Eco Rail Mark certification

On February 28, 2013, Casio obtained Eco Rail Mark certification from the Railway Freight Association for four products: clocks, digital pianos, electronic keyboards and electronic cash registers.
The Eco Rail Mark indicates that a product or company is proactively addressing global environmental issues by using rail freight transport. Rail transport produces about one-thirteenth of the CO2 emissions of commercial trucking, making it an environmentally friendly method of transport with a low environmental impact.
The criteria for certification are utilization of rail for at least 30% of land freight transport for distances of 500km or more for a product, and utilization of rail for at least 15% of land freight transport for distances of 500km or more for a company.
Casio obtained Eco Rail Mark certification as a company in October 2009 and successfully obtained product certification as a result of further expanding rail transport due to the relocation, amalgamation and closure of business sites.
Casio now actively uses rail mainly for inhouse transport from its logistics center in Saitama Prefecture to distribution centers in Osaka and Fukuoka. Going forward, Casio will make active efforts to reduce environmental impact by pursuing environmentally friendly transport.

Eco Rail Mark

Promoting a modal shift to rail transport

Environmentally friendly rail containers

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