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Product Initiatives

Product Initiatives

Approach and Policy

Casio pursues product development with consideration for environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle, from the product development and design stage, to use by customers, to disposal and recycling after use.

Casio began its own product assessment program in 1993, commencing assessment of the environmental impact of new products and certifying those that met certain standards as Casio Green Products This process produced a large number of environmentally friendly products.

In 2009, Casio began its program to certify Casio Green Star Products under more rigorous assessment standards. In 2016, a further program to certify Casio Super Green Star Products under even higher assessment standards was also commenced. Since then, Casio has continued to develop products with consideration for environmental impact.

Product environmental assessment items

1. Promotes recycling 7. Recyclability of batteries
2. Designed for recycling 8. Recycling label on batteries
3. Components of Products canbe separated,disassembled 9. Regulatory compliance
4. Improved recycling 10. Components of packaging can be separated, desassembled
5. Improved energy efficiency 11. Regulated use of packaging materials
6. Regulated use of chemical substances 12. Preserves the natural environment

Click here to see products certified as Casio Green Star Products and Casio Super Green Star Products to date.

Casio takes measures to consider environmental impact for each product, and these are expected to have a positive effect on building a recycling-oriented society.

Initiatives in Product Materials

PRO TREK/G-SHOCK using environment friendly biomass plastic

PRO TREK/G-SHOCK series using biomass plastic parts launched in 2022

Packaging materials using recycled paper as main raw material

Initiatives in Calculator Product Packaging

Casio is reducing the use of plastic packaging by introducing paper packaging in calculator products line.

Following the introduction of paper packaging in some emerging markets of ASEAN, where paper packaging was already being used, the introduction of paper packaging began in Europe in 2020, North America and China in 2022, and full-scale introduction into Japan started in June 2023.

In contrast to conventional plastic packaging, which allows consumers to see the product from the outside, paper packaging does not allow the product to be seen. Casio has taken this into consideration in packaging design by, for instance, including a picture of the product and printing the product name and category in large lettering so that users will avoid misidentifying it. Casio has also given consideration to efficiency of transport by making the packaging as compact as possible.

Previous package
Transparent plastic package showing the product

New package
Paper package with the picture faithfully reproducing the product design

Initiatives in Watch Product Packaging

Watch Product Packaging Initiatives

For watch products, Casio is working to change the product packaging for each product group to packaging made primarily of recycled paper or recycled plastic. 

Initiatives in Casio Collection (General Watches)

Starting in 2021 Casio switched to packaging that uses recycled paper as a raw material and decreased the amount of plastic used by 82% compared to conventional packaging (used by Casio).

Paper packaging

Initiatives in PRO TREK series

In addition to adopting packaging made from recycled paper, Casio uses inks made from plant-based raw materials which release fewer volatile organic compounds than conventional petroleum solvent-based inks.

Initiatives in MY G-SHOCK

Each MY G-SHOCK, which allows customers to build their own custom watch by selecting the components, is cradled inside a special pulp-molded case packaged in a plastic-free exterior paper box.

Initiatives in G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Model “Adventurer’s Stone” Series

This 40th Anniversary G-SHOCK model, and the mineral-inspired series to which it belongs, use pulp-molded paper packaging. Casio also uses vegetable oil inks for the printing on the outer box.

Initiatives in G-SHOCK FROGMAN 30th Anniversary Model

This model is not only made with biomass resin components, but also comes in special packaging made from laminated paper board.

Initiatives in G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Edition “Flare Red”

The 40th Anniversary Edition “Flare Red MTG-B 3000 FR / GWG-2040 FR” G-SHOCK watches are packaged in an inner box made from 100% recycled plastic. The outer box is made of recycled paper and printed on with plant-based inks which release fewer volatile organic compounds than conventional petroleum solvent-based inks.

Initiatives Related to Product Usage

Each watch model supports Casio’s original solar power system that reduces battery usage.

Tough Solar

This original Casio solar-charging system employs solar panels that convert light even from fluorescent lamps and other sources, combined with an internal rechargeable battery. It generates ample power for smooth operation of power-hungry functions, from measurements to radio wave reception, Bluetooth® connectivity, lights, and alarms. Also includes a Power-Saving function that automatically engages when the watch is left for a certain period in a dark location.

Solar-Assisted Charging

Use USB charging for training functions such as GPS tracking and heart rate monitor, as well as smart functions such as notifications and step tracker. Time display is powered solely by solar charging, even when battery runs low.

Solar Charging

Time display is powered solely by solar charging, even when the battery runs low.

USB Charging

For training functions and smart functions, use a USB cable for charging.


Solar Charging System

Converts light from fluorescent lamps and other sources with a solar-charging system that reduces the need for regular battery replacement.

Targets and Performance

Casio has set a target for Casio Green Star Products and Casio Super Green Star Products to account for 90% of sales by FY 2026. Casio has also set target figures for each fiscal year and is verifying the status of achievement.

Evaluation ◎: All targets met, ○ : Most targets met, △ : Remaining issues outweigh results, × : No progress made

Medium and long-term targets FY2023 Target FY2023 Performance Evaluation FY2024 Targets
Increase Casio Green Star Products’ share of sales to 90% by fiscal 2026 Maintain the Casio Green Star Products’ share of sales at 80% or more Casio Green Star Products’ share of sales: 74.4% Raise the Casio Green Star Products’ share of sales at 80% or more

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