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Building a Recycling Society | CASIO

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Building a Recycling Society

Product Initiatives

│Approach and Policy

Casio pursues product development with consideration for environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle, from the product development and design stage, to use by customers, to disposal and recycling after use.

Casio began its own product assessment program in 1993, commencing assessment of the environmental impact of new products and certifying those that met certain standards as Casio Green Products This process produced a large number of environmentally friendly products.

In 2009, Casio began its program to certify Casio Green Star Products under more rigorous assessment standards. In 2016, a further program to certify Casio Super Green Star Products under even higher assessment standards was also commenced. Since then, Casio has continued to develop products with consideration for environmental impact.

Casio Green Star Products System and Assessment Items

Product environmental assessment items

1. Promotes recycling 7. Recyclability of batteries
2. Designed for recycling 8. Recycling label on batteries
3. Components of Products canbe separated,disassembled 9. Regulatory compliance
4. Improved recycling 10. Components of packaging can be separated, desassembled
5. Improved energy efficiency 11. Regulated use of packaging materials
6. Regulated use of chemical substances 12. Preserves the natural environment

Click here to see products certified as Casio Green Star Products and Casio Super Green Star Products to date.

Casio takes measures to consider environmental impact for each product, and these are expected to have a positive effect on building a recycling-oriented society.

PROTREK using biomass plastic

Packaging materials using recycled paper as main raw material

Casio is also working to build a recycling-oriented society by pursuing Eco Mark certification of its products and registration of its products under Japan’s Act on Promotion of Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services by the State and Other Entities (Act on Promoting Green Procurement).

│Targets and Performance

Casio has set a target for Casio Green Star Products and Casio Super Green Star Products to account for 90% of sales by fiscal 2026. Casio has also set target figures for each fiscal year and is verifying the status of achievement.

Medium and long-term targets FY2022 Target FY2022 Performance Evaluation FY2023 Targets
Increase Casio Green Star Products’ share of sales to 90% by fiscal 2026 Maintain the Casio Green Star Products’ share of sales at 80% or more Casio Green Star Product’ share of sales: 76% *1 Raise the Casio Green Star Products’ share of sales at 80% or more

*1 △ evaluation determined based on at least 80% achievement of the target figure.

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