Building a Recycling Society

Reducing and Recycling Waste

Casio is working to reduce and recycle the waste generated in its business activities. Generation of waste, etc. (total of waste and valuable material) has been on the rise since fiscal 2017, but the main reason for this is the increasing number of production sites outside Japan. In fiscal 2019, the total amount was reduced from the previous year as a result of efforts to reduce the generation of waste, especially at production sites outside Japan.

In addition, Casio has set a target recycling rate of 100%, aiming for zero landfill disposal. In fiscal 2019, the recycling rate dropped to 86% due to a decline in the amount of waste that is recycled, leaving the fiscal 2019 target of 92% unattained. The majority of landfill disposal is non-industrial waste, and it is disposed based on the administrative management of each country or region. Going forward, however, Casio will make efforts to increase its recycling rate by considering switching to recycling consignment according to the status of recycling facilities in each area.

Generation of waste

Graph:Generation of waste

Disposal breakdown and recycling rate for generation of waste, etc.

Graph:Disposal breakdown and recycling rate for generation of waste, etc.

Breakdown of landfill disposal (by category)

Graph:Breakdown of landfill disposal (by category)