Sustainability Report 2016

Sustainability Report 2016 Download report sections

Sustainability Report 2016, all pages  (PDF / 11.3MB)

Cover (PDF / 41KB)
Contents (PDF / 37KB)
Editorial Policy (PDF / 193KB)
Corporate Overview (PDF / 111KB)
Message from the President (PDF / 102KB)
Specification of Materiality (PDF / 385KB)
Conversation Pursuing Strategic CSR Initiatives Driven by Materiality (PDF / 277KB)
Casio’s Corporate Creed and Approach to CSR (PDF / 205KB)

Casio’s CSR Management
CSR Implementation System (PDF / 819KB)
Corporate Governance (PDF / 173KB)
Compliance and Risk Management (PDF / 228KB)
Respect for Human Rights (PDF / 91KB)
Social Initiatives: Action Plans and Performance (PDF / 155KB)

Responsibilities to Casio’s Stakeholders
Responsibilities to Customers (PDF / 2.1MB)
Responsibilities to Suppliers (PDF / 326KB)
Responsibilities to Shareholders and Investors (PDF / 74KB)
Responsibilities to Employees (PDF / 1.9MB)
Responsibilities to Society (PDF / 726KB)

Environmental Initiatives
Environmental Vision (PDF / 86KB)
Casio Green Star Plan (PDF / 119KB)
Climate Change Action (PDF / 134KB)
Biodiversity (PDF / 276KB)
Developing Products that Save Resources and Energy (PDF / 140KB)
Casio Super Green Star Products (PDF / 307KB)

Environmental Action Plan (Targets and Performance) (PDF / 688KB)
Material Balance (PDF / 172KB)
Environmental Data (PDF / 492KB)
Scope3 (PDF / 134KB)
Environmental Accounting (PDF / 82KB)
Design and Procurement (PDF / 80KB)
Production (PDF / 83KB)
Logistics (PDF / 237KB)
Collection and Recycling (PDF / 172KB)
Product Recycling in Europe (PDF / 46KB)
Offices (PDF / 210KB)

Environmental Management (PDF / 63KB)
Environmental Compliance (PDF / 85KB)
Environmental Communication (PDF / 641KB)

Verification Statement (PDF / 124KB)
Independent Opinion on the Sustainability Report 2016 (PDF / 86KB)

G4 GRI Content Index (PDF / 371KB)

Sustainability Report 2016

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