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Integrated Report 2021 | CASIO


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Integrated Report 2021

Fiscal 2021

Entire Report

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Table of Contents / Corporate Creed

Casio in a New Era

Our Value Creation Journey

Snapshot of Casio

Value Creation Model

Value Provided in Each Business Domain

Message from the CEO

Message from the CHRO

Message from the CFO

Financial and Nonfinancial Highlights

Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction
Previous Performance
TrendsMedium-Term Strategic Direction

Business Strategy

Timepiece Business
Education Business
Electronic Musical Instruments Business
System Equipment Business
Sports and Health Business
Development Headquarters (new business)

Strengthening of Management Platform

Production and SCM
Sales and Marketing
Organization and Human Resources
Human Rights / Supply Chain Management
Message from the ESG Officer


Corporate Governance
Risk Management and Compliance
Messages from Our Outside Directors
Representative Director, Member of the Board
Executive Officers

Financial Section

Consolidated Eleven-Year Summary
Consolidated Balance Sheets
Consolidated Statements of Income
Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income
Consolidated Statements of Changes in Net Assets
Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements
Independent Auditor’s Report

Company Data / Stock Information


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